Star Tours 2 Press Event Coverage

Tonight at Disney's Hollywood Studios, there is a special event for press and media from 7pm until 9:30pm.  We're there, and here's our coverage as well as from other reports we see from The Twitter.

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Swag given to the Media includes four really slick posters:

R2-MK pin:

Really cool dinner setup (photos via @attractions):

At around 7pm, media was let through backstage into Disney's Hollywood Studios.

7:10pm: Characters!  Jawas:


Boba Fett:

Imagineer Jason Surrell:


Storm Trooper:

Luke and Leia:

Via our friend Amanda Tinney got to ride Star Tours 2 with Queen Amidala:

Our friend Lou Mongello


Lots of people!

The Bar!

The ride entrance:

Clearly from Hoth:

Imagineer Tom Fitzgerald:

The desserts:

Ahsoka Tano:


Darth Maul:

Sand People:

Disney Channel Kids:

In the queue!

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