Star Tours 2 Event Breakdown for May 19th and May 20th

LOTS of event madness going on over the next 24 hours.  Here's a quick breakdown of what's going on:

Star Tours 2 3-D Press Event

There's a invite-only press event starting at 7pm and lasting until 9:30pm this evening after the park closes at Disney's Hollywood Studios.  We'll be there, and we'll be broadcasting any information and media as Disney allows.

Star Tours 2 Official Meetup

Announced via the DisneyParks Blog on May 5th, the RSVP-only official fan meetup begins at 12am tonight and lasts until 2am.  Unfortunately, if you do not already have tickets to the event, you will not be able to attend.  We'll be there (find us in our and gear!) and we're promised an "insider's look" at Star Tours: The Adventure Continue.  We'll be able to ask questions about the making-of the attraction and what it's like to work on it.  Disney says that there WILL be an opportunity to ride the attraction, and that there will be some "special surprises" along the way as well.  Be sure to say hi if you see us there! Unofficial Early, Early Friday Morning Snack

Before we all brave the crowds on Friday, we're going to need some fuel.  Immediately following the the Star Tours 2 Official Meetup, we're going to drive to the Studios, park, and walk over to Picabu at the Dolphin Resort for some chow. NOTE that parking at the Dolphin is something crazy like $12, so you may be best parking at the Studios and walking over.

Lining Up for Star Tours 2 Official Ceremony

We're going to walk back from Picabu, meet in front of the the line entrance at 3:45am, and then enter the line as a group at 4am.  If you make it after we join the line, you're welcome to say hi or hang out, but we don't want to line jump.  Our focus will be on getting prime viewing for the Official Ceremony that begins at roughly 10:15-10:30am -- NOT the first official ride on Star Tours.  If we can pull off both, that would be epic, but we're not counting on it.  If that's your focus, you may want to join the WDW News Today group -- they are lining up earlier than we are, and will be streaming from the midnight meetup and the line.

Star Tours 2 Opening and Official Ceremony

The park officially opens at 8am (unofficially earlier if rumors are true!), and the ride's official ceremony will be 10:15am in front of the Big Hat. Meetup on Friday, 1pm, Studio Catering Company

We'll be meeting at the Studio Catering Company at 1pm to chat about the opening day madness and celebrate all things Star Tours!  If it's possible, we may all get in line for a ride!  Be sure to count yourself in on Plancast if you plan on coming.

Long 24 hours ahead of us!  May the force be with all of us!