Star Tours 2 Walt Disney World "Walls Down" Photo Update

Taken this afternoon in Disney's Hollywood Studios, here are some better shots of the Star Tours 2 area.  The walls coming down presumably mean that soft openings are not far away.  And remember: we're going to be on-the-ground the entire time until May 20th!

The new wait times board that popped up yesterday:

The height restriction remains at 40", contrary to some rumors that it was going to be raised.

The attraction signs on the outer show building wall were removed last week:

Looking towards the Ewok Village from Jedi Training Academy (which may be moved?)

Cast members were out in force, being trained and working on touching up the queue:

Looking towards the queue's entrance, which is still closed:

Looking out towards the front of the attraction.

The FASTPASS machines are still covered (doesn't seem like they will get a rethemeing like the Disneyland FP machines):

Ewok Village extended queue:

Another pic of the entrance... opening soon!!

Still some refurbishment going on around Tatooine Traders:

The refurbed Star Tours 2 exit queue, seen from inside Tatooine Traders.  Do not mess with the formidable chair defense system.