Is Star Tours 2 behind schedule?

You may have heard about predictions of multiple hour waits for Star Tours 2 when it opens and like many of you, we though that was a bit excessive.  That was, until we heard some rumors this past weekend.

Let me state these are RUMORS and we don't know for 100% certainty yet, but given the fact we've heard it from multiple sources, it's worth repeating.

We're hearing that when Star Tours 2 reopens on May 20, it will not be at full capacity.  Meaning, not all the simulators will be ready to go for the official opening.  At Disney's Hollywood Stuidos, there are six simulators and we're hearing as few as 3 will be ready to go.  

Furthermore, we heard this past weekend coincided with the first simulator being finished, meaning the other 5 are not ready yet.  Keep in mind that in Disneyland, their Star Tours closed before Hollywood Studios and will reopen after Hollywood Studios but the fact the date was set to reopen for Star Wars Weekends may have set an ambitious goal for Disney World's team.

If any of this is true, Star Tours running below 100% capacity will definitely result in super long lines simply due to the fact it can't handle as many people as it should.  We'll keep our ears to the ground and let you know any updates we hear.